Love Yourself

We often hear people say… Love yourself first. Do we even know what that actually means, to love yourself? Does it mean put yourself first without the possibility of being selfish toward others? With or without knowledge, or being aware. I can only speak on my behalf or try to. I wasn’t aware of putting others before me besides my children. I found out the hard way when ailments crept in my life with medication attached. Now I’m learning to say no. But now I know that loving yourself means to eat healthy as possible, exercise mentally, spiritually, physically and financially. Also to give back without expecting anything in return. Just know your limit in doing for others. We have to live not just exist. We have to make ourselves happy with the sense of feeling free to do whatever we want without societies consent. We have to make it right for Us. I was told last year, by a family member is that, I don’t have the things I really want because I don’t ask. I had to let that simmer for a minute, and the next day I thought about what was said to me, and realize it was true. I was so use to doing/handling things on my own, that I didn’t know what it felt like to be helped or just given a hand. What’s so ironic is I am always offering a hand Or two. I’ll give before I take. What a lesson learned, still learning. What I know for sure is we must Love Ourselves… Love Yourself…. ~ DTRC


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