Renewing your past will hinder your future.

Living, and staying in the past can stagnant you severely. Generation after generation, just repeat the same cycle. Unspoken abuse in every way imaginable, unless you were a victim, then it becomes mum, silent. Everybody’s quiet until it affects them personally. Still stuck, blaming other’s, without a clue to the truth. Don’t even want the truth. Continue to hurt, and accept pain because that’s what they’re use to dealing with. Let’s not forget the hush and just sweep it under the rug. Nobody wants to forgive and talk about it, instead just continue being bitter and angry and past it down to the next generation, which don’t have a clue to what’s going on, and why they’re being treating with mental physical and emotional abuse. Please end the cycle! Please vent, talk about it, get it out your system, cut the cord, ask questions, have regard for other people feelings, get help, go see a therapist. Leave the past in the past, and make for a better future… for everyone. ~ DTRC


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