I’m still on this roller coaster ride called life. Like I always stated, raising children and being in a relationship is the hardest job on earth. You think because the light is green, it means go. When you’re almost at that green light, the light turns red. I awaken blessed with much gratitude, and determination. So inspired, ready for the world. Then the phone ring, then my life is just not my life. I know God have a plan for me, he definitely knows my plans. I guess he feels his plans are better than mine. Well I believe and have faith in him. He brought me this far. There’s one thing I know for sure is I’m better then yesterday. I am thankful me and my children woke up this morning. I love my children we/they are supportive of each other. It’s such a blessing. We have to be, living in this roller coaster, we call life. The ups and downs. We don’t know what’s installed for us, nobody knows. We’re living in a world of confusion. Everyone’s trying to understand the word why. Why me, why you, why them, why us. How can we be sane, in a world of insanity. Yesterday was good, today was not so good, just saying. I have somewhat of a understanding about life and death. We live and we die. We have to go to come back. Right now at this moment, I’m enjoying listening to peaceful music while doing my laundry. Lord continue to cover, hold, and keep us out of harms way. Forgive me and my children for our past, present and future sins, for we will sin, without our consent. Let me end this by saying, today, right now and the rest of the evening will be wonderful. I believe, I have Faith. Praying for continued blessings and favor. ~ DTRC


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