We All Experience The Same Pain.

Life’s something else. You never know what’s next. You wake up exuberant, ready for the world. Then your phone rings, or someone’s knocking at the door. You answer hoping with good intentions at the other end. Then bam, it’s always something. It just never ends. Well it’s called trials and tribulations, that was told to me. Who knew it would last a lifetime. Yes everything is a lesson, and yes everything happens for a reason. I’m still learning how to handle situations that arise. I listen to other people stories, and I think my story is bad, it’s not the case of whose is worse. It’s just knowing we are all in pain. Some suffer in silence, and some become rebellious, and some for the most part exercise their pain outwardly. And, in hopes not negatively. The worst is in silence in which they suppress it. When feelings are suppressed, it tend to cause anger, bitterness, and worst case scenario, ailments. Pain needs to be addressed, when denial is pushed aside. We have to reach out, when we understand we’re not alone. I know it’s it easy, but we have to find a way to handle any feeling of pain. We have to get support and start to heal the pain.


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