Live Tomorrow Today

Yesterday I felt extremely emotional due to the untimely death of my GodSister Jacqueline, aka Jack to all that knew her. When I first got the call of her passing, I felt numb and  slightly dazed. It felt like I was going to faint. I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing. All I can think about was her children and grandchildren. See, Jack and our families were very close. We grew up together. We use to live around the corner from one another. We use to spend a lot of time together, spend the night at each other’s house. Go outside and play until it got dark, and go to the neighborhood pool. Then we started dating, and comparing notes. Just doing our own thing. I still remember when you told me a guy you were dating liked me. Then you got mad with me. I didn’t know until you told me. That was crazy. Then you got over it. I’m glad, I was interested in him. Well life went on, then relationships started, and kids were born. We would still visit each other, but not as often. Then I moved out the neighborhood,  and we lost all contact. Our parents basically kept in touch. I was told throughout the years she was experiencing heart trouble. And the last time I heard from her was a couple months ago. We spoke about our families and their well being. I’m glad I had the opportunity to speak with her, I just wish we could’ve gotten together. She died young from heart failure. I don’t know when she first started experiencing heart problems. I’m quite sure she had limitations, unable to live life like before, like taking medication, and eating certain foods. Just Change of lifestyle. It probably was hard on her and being in pain. I can’t imagine the pain her children are experiencing, because they were very close. I heard at the time of death she was living with her daughter. To make matters worse, she just lost her Mom and a cousin last year. I’m praying for them. My heart is aching. I’m going to truly miss you Jack. I love you so so much😘


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