On the train ride home. I witnessed a young man approach two guys who just walked through the train cart. The young man proceeded to ask one of the guys, did you say something to me. Without hesitation, the guy responded, I didn’t say anything to you. The young man responded, you said f*ck me. The guy was puzzled, and answered, do I know you man, because you’re bugging. The young man walked in front of the guy and said, didn’t you say f*ck me. The guy didn’t respond, he just walked away. I happened to be getting off the next stop. As the train approached the station, it appeared, that the young man was getting off as well. But right before the doors opened, he looked toward the two guys and yelled out, oh I’m bugging. At that time I was heading off the train and walking towards the staircase. So, I don’t know how it ended. What I know for sure is; it’s a case of mental illness. In which a lot of people are not aware of. Research is so needed to having a understanding, as well as knowing the signs. So one might can help in diffusing a situation. Also direct the person that’s experience such difficulty, towards getting medication if needed. Mental Illness is a sensitive subject for me, in which my family is dealing with someone very close to home that’s experiencing such. It’s in our communities, work place, and in our homes. It needs to be addressed. So please do your research, get educated. Remember you are not alone. If you want/need to speak on it, reach out anytime.